Friesens is more than just a yearbook company, we’re a group of employee-owners who are in constant pursuit of the highest quality craftsmanship in our trade. This commitment to excellence is what draws some of the top publishers in the world to trust Friesens with their titles. We’re not the right partner for every school, but if you believe, as we do, that your yearbook is more than just a book – that it’s a storybook, a work of art, and a celebration of your students; then we’re the partners for you. Your memories deserve to be crafted in print.

Great companies are filled with people that understand that work is more than just making a living. Here are a few reasons why we roll out of bed every morning and get to work…

Employees Own the Company

Friesens has been employee-owned in some form since the 1950s. Over the last 65 plus years, the ownership model has evolved by the constant has been a commitment to employee engagement through ownership.

Benefits of Employee-Ownership:
  • Financial prosperity is enjoyed by many, not just a few
  • Promotes teamwork
  • All employees have a stake in the outcome
  • Improved communication between management and staff
  • Responsibility is spread among a larger group
  • Increases job satisfaction
  • Pride of ownership

To serve

Whether we’re building a small high school yearbook or a a National Geographic series…we seek to meet and exceed the needs of our customers

To Profit

Profit isn’t a dirty word around here…profitability doesn’t just fuel our business, it provides security and opportunity for our families, it helps build the communities where we live, and it creates new opportunities for future employee-owners.

Not to be the biggest…but to be the best

Our goal has never been to become the largest yearbook company…let the other guys worry about that. Our goal is to be the best partner for the people that believe in our values and passion.

We’re book nerds

If we didn’t come to work, who would we talk to about trapping, colour breaks, and notching?

We can do better

We’re trapped in a constant pursuit of excellence, we constantly look for ways to do exceed expectations

To leave a Legacy

Friesens has been in business since 1907. The objective of DW Friesen was to build jobs and benefit the community. We seek to carry those values through the next 100 years.

Because Print Matters

There are countless ways to communicate information…but none hold a candle to the printed page. When Facebook closes shop and Google is replaced…the printed books we create will still be there.