Teachers and Advisors

Teachers and Advisors

Friesens provides educational tools to help you produce an award-winning yearbook.

Yearbook Workshops

Improve your school yearbook and yearbook program by attending a local Friesens yearbook workshop in your area. Friesens workshop topics include yearbook publishing, how to make a yearbook, staff organization, yearbook design ideas, school yearbook software, yearbook layout templates, yearbook covers, yearbook theme ideas, and how to sell more yearbooks.

2017 Workshops: (click the link for more information and registration)


Curriculum Guide

We have created a yearbook curriculum with the help of award-winning yearbook advisors. Use this tool to teach your students how to build their yearbook.

This curriculum guide covers topics such as:

  • How to Create a Yearbook
  • Ethics and Responsibility
  • Deadlines and Timelines
  • Theme Ideas
  • Content and Coverage
  • Design Ideas
  • Templates and Layout Ideas
  • Cover Ideas
  • Photography and Visual Journalism
  • Writing
  • Sales and Marketing

Talk to your local print consultant on how to get your school yearbook curriculum.

Advisor Seminar

The ultimate professional-development seminar designed to educate and help advisors create lasting memories and award-winning yearbooks.

Participants leave with:

  • New yearbook cover, design, layout, theme, and sales ideas.
  • Yearbook training resources for the classroom.
  • Ideas to motivate yearbook students.
  • “How to Make a Yearbook” teaching materials and samples.
  • A yearbook of your seminar experience and graduating class.
  • A yearbook advisor seminar certificate of completion.


From time to time we offer online training webinars. Please watch for our next season registration. To join the online seminar – please download and uncompress the relevant file for your platform. Once uncompressed – launch the application and enter the meeting ID to join.